BOSTON: Ponza and Palmarola, 2016

As for her Ponza and Palmarola collection, Palmarola is another island off of Italy that she often visits, she said she’ll continue to add more paintings.”I have not finished,” she said.

The images in the paintings above are a realistic representation of the Pilate Caves. They are located a short distance from the port, on the island of Ponza, Italy. The caves were created by the ancient Romans to breed moray eels. These are a number of tanks connected to each other and with the sea, through a complex hydraulic system, used to promote water exchange for fish breeding. The niches carved into the walls of the caves held statues of pagan gods. The Caves of Pilate can be visited by boat throughout the year.

*I found this article online a few days ago. I chose to share it with you because it answers several questions I am often asked. Enjoy reading it!
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Traduzione in italiano.

Traducción al español.

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