I’m from Spain and lived in the USA with my husband for a few years. I had a new baby three months ago. After childbirth and nursing the baby, I experienced postpartum “baby blues,” including mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. It has been very difficult and discouraging for me. My online daily meetings with Maria helped me so much. She shared her personal experience about nursing to help me out. I enjoyed listening to her stories and suggestions.  Maria also assisted my husband while I was in the hospital and as needed she coaches him too. I’m still meeting with Maria on a weekly basis. She also recommends appropriate food for nursing mothers, and shares good Italian recipes. I can’t recommend Maria enough! ” Martha G. – Boston, MA – Winter 2023
“I’m a professional taking hatha yoga classes with Maria Conte weekly. Previously I have taken some Italian language classes with Maria, and this is how we met. She is always prepared and organized for her sessions. Each session includes gentle yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation. Great to ease the physical tension and mental stress. Classes are pleasant and soothing. Maria is kind, respectful, patient, and of course knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn gentle hatha yoga and Italian.”  Lucy S. – Dedham, MA – Winter 2023
“This past year has been very traumatic for me dealing with two seriously ill people in my family, my wife and my brother. My only brother, then passed away. I also had conflicts with the hospitals where my wife went to be checked. The service was so slow and I became impatient. Although there were several miles of distance between Maria and I, Maria was able to offer outstanding distance-life coaching sessions through social media. She was very supportive and encouraging. Without her precious and consistent assistance, I don’t know what could have happened. She worked hard to keep me calm. On a daily basis Maria kept my mind distracted in a healthy way, showing care and love. In brief, Maria is a special friend and splendid person to work with.” B.S. – (Verona) Italy, Fall 2022
“My six year old twins are very picky when it comes to eating. As a single mom, I don’t have much time for cooking and I’m not very creative in food preparation. My friend’s children took cooking lessons at the local Community Center with Maria Conte.  The twins and I meet on a regular basis with Maria to learn about simple and healthy recipes. Maria is very creative and patient. Through her Wellness coaching sessions, my children discovered the joy of preparing food when I’m at home, or when they are with their grandparents. Often, they surprise me, and I feel so rewarded. Maria Conte’s coaching sessions are enjoyable for children and adults.” S.V. – West Roxbury, MA – Fall 2022
“My five year old boy had a negative experience at his previous preschool, therefore he became aggressive and mentally stuck. I had the great fortune to meet Mrs. Conte through a neighbor that had a child in Maria’s class in a Montessori school in Canton, MA, a few years ago. At first, Maria, my son and I met together. Then Maria and my son met in single sessions. She talked to him while doing some educational activities. She had the patience and the ability to change my son’s perspective about school. My son changed his negative attitude, has become very cooperative and is much happier. My husband and I feel very satisfied with Maria’s approach in finding the appropriate solution. She has life experience as a teacher and as a mom, which is fantastic. Scheduling sessions with Maria is easy and convenient. She is a lovely life coach and a wonderful person!” R. V. – Canton, MA – Fall 2022
“I appreciated Maria’s guidance, understanding, patience and smiles. I needed someone to assist me in changing the way I was rather than accept me the way I was. Maria has always had a positive attitude. I always felt very comfortable and relaxed when talking with her. Her coaching led me to a greater understanding of my own negative self-talk.” E. Y. – Boston, MA – Fall 2022
“Working with Maria Conte is like working with a friend who has gone through the same personal struggles, rather than working with someone that has only book knowledge. Her coaching conversations are so genuine. She makes many powerful questions to stimulate your thinking. She opened my mind and my heart. Through our interactions, I learned to see the big picture and prioritize life before anything else.” A. W. – Boston, MA – Fall 2022
“I worked with life coach Maria Conte these past few months, where she implemented her Happiness, Wellness and Relationships coaching knowledge. I went through a difficult and dark time as my spouse was dealing with mental issues. I prayed daily to God for help, and I’m most grateful that through a friend I connected with Maria. Maria is a caring person, empathetic and a great friend. She checked on me every day for the entire summer to make sure I ate and rested well. She suggested a variety of activities to help me feel better. Maria is also a funny person and often turned my tears into laughters of joy. I have to add that she is also a great mother as she helps my teen daughter. God Bless you Maria!” T. M. – Providence, RI – Fall 2022
“I started working with Maria this past spring. I needed a wellness coach to change my eating habits. In our weekly sessions we talked a lot about food and Maria inspired me to eat better. My unhealthy eating habits are gradually changing and I feel healthier. I found that Maria is incredibly patient, empathetic and supportive. I can’t recommend Maria Conte highly enough.” M. A. P. – New York, NY – Fall 2022
“My boyfriend and I felt very comfortable coaching with Maria this past summer. She brings wisdom to the relationship, and helps to look at things differently. Maria offers encouragement from a neutral perspective. It is highly valuable to speak and interact with someone mature that has real life experience. Maria’s suggestions are helpful and encouraging for couples.” J. M. – Brookline, MA – Summer 2022 
“Maria is an extraordinary happiness coach! If you are dealing with life issues, she is a wonderful person to talk to. She brings warmth and commitment to meet my goals every week. Her kind guidance allows me to discover solutions for myself and own them. The results are obvious and I can’t think of a better gift one could give themselves!” S. R. – Somerville,  MA – Summer 2022
“I very much enjoyed having Maria as my Spanish Instructor. Maria was always prepared and organized for every lesson. Maria took the time necessary to explain the lessons and for us to ask questions. I found Maria to be pleasant, professional with a warm and welcoming personality. I would recommend Maria to anyone, young or mature like myself who has the desire to learn Spanish.” Lisa A. Modecker – Roslindale, MA – Fall 2022
“I’m 90 years old, and wanted to make my last trip to Italy this year. To surprise my family, I took some Italian private lessons with Maria Conte. She kindly and patiently guided me through her fabulous textbook. To my surprise I learned quite a lot. I highly recommend Professoressa Conte to anyone who would like to learn Italian!” – Joseph S. Milton, MA – Fall 2022
“I had a wonderful introduction to Spanish language with Maria in Spanish 1.  She is dedicated, organized and a joy to have as a teacher!!  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Spanish.”   – K. Leader – Boston, MA – Fall 2022

“I have just had the good fortune to complete another Italian class with Maria Conte. While my Italian studies by my own standards require much more study and practice, I want to take a moment to commend Maria and state unequivocally what an outstanding teacher she is. As a teacher myself of over 30 years, and one who instructed many student teachers, I believe I know an excellent teacher when I see one, and Maria is such a teacher. Maria is not only a native speaker but holds advanced degrees in the process of language-learning. One can know a language but not be equipped to teach it to others. Maria has all of the qualities of an outstanding teacher ~ knowledge of the subject matter, the ability to break down into manageable segments the foundations of the Italian language for those beginning and intermediate learners as well as more advanced students who are competent in their conversational abilities and those who able to study various aspects of the art, culture and cuisine of Italy. Additionally, Maria is always prepared, organized and willing to answer questions. Maria has a welcoming and pleasant demeanor and always exudes an infectious enthusiasm for her subject matter. While teaching various age groups and in various settings, she is acutely aware of teaching the adult learner who has many other responsibilities and is generally a self-motivated learner. Her personality and expertise come across in-person and on-line as well. Maria’s unique combination of the mechanics of grammar and the nuances of language, the ability to share that knowledge in manageable segments, an enthusiasm for her subject and a warm, welcoming demeanor make her an exemplar in her field, and in my opinion, the best language teacher I’ve encountered. Kudos to her for her wonderful work! And for making the learning of a foreign language accessible to all.”  Pamela M. – Boston, MA – Fall 2022

A few years ago, I enrolled as a student in one of Maria’s Italian classes.  It was a hopeful experience for me, as I do not hear well and I had a broken foot in a cast.  I was not a gifted student and had to limp in a cast, on crutches, from my home to the school for each class.  Maria was so kind and joyful, that it was worth it!  Each week, she helped me through more of the language, the culture and history of Italy. Maria’s kindness and enthusiasm made her class the happiest event of my week.  In addition, I learned some Italian!”  Debra Sunny Jennings – Lucca, Italy – Summer 2022

“As mia Nonna is from Italy and I have been privileged to visit a number of times, it has long been a lifelong aspiration of mine to learn Italian. I first began taking classes with Maria in 2019 at the Boston Center for Adult Education. She always made class funny and laid back, with plenty of creative additions to each week’s lesson. Over the course of 2020 and 2021, I’ve continued my lessons, at first virtually and now in person. Maria is very flexible to each individual student’s needs and scheduling – it has always been easy and convenient for me to schedule our next class. She is also very personable. It is very nice to have her as a teacher and I recommend her to anyone in Greater Boston looking to learn Italian!”  Aidan Briney  – Brookline, MA – Summer 2021

“The most professional, accurate and seasoned translator I use is Maria Conte. Every translation Maria does is done to perfection whether it is a complicated contract, employee newsletter or legal notices. When any client of mine needs to have anything translated there is only one person I depend on to complete the job, Maria Conte.” Domenic Bozzotto – Boston, MA – Summer 2021

“Maria gave private Spanish lessons to our daughter when she was struggling with Spanish in high school. Maria was such a warm and fun person, and my daughter immediately took to her. I sat nearby in the library, listening to them chat in Spanish and laugh the hour away. Maria also helped my daughter prepare for a trip to the Dominican Republic. ” I give Maria Conte a big thumbs up! Angela Phinney – Boston, MA – Summer 2021.

“I make a work-related trip to Italy every other year. When I came home from the 2017 trip I vowed to learn Italian, so I signed up for the Brookline Adult Ed class and Maria was my teacher. After I completed all the courses offered there, I continued to study with Maria, joining one of her small groups of students. Our Monday nights are filled with fun and learning. Talking about what we did last week, our plans for the next, this disparate group has gotten to know each other and care about each other—in the here and now. And all while learning Italian. Though it may be hard to get myself out of the house in the cold and dark now that it’s winter, I am always glad to be met by Maria’s warmth and upbeat approach. And, during this 2019 trip to Italy, I could read all the advertisements and signs, make myself understood, and even eavesdrop a bit. Thank you, Maria!” Judy Fox, November 2019


“I met Maria about a year ago at one of her cultural events through a friend who took many courses with her.  It was a fun and interactive environment. It is a bit challenging for me to learn new things since I have a traumatic brain injury. In short, I was in a coma for a few months from a car accident. Afterwards, I took physical, occupational, and speech therapies to re-gain the basics of daily life. Then, I learned that Maria teaches Italian and Spanish. I knew a few words in Italian and was always interested in learning the language. I have heard that my last name, Diodato, means “God has given me!” I have learned a great deal of the Italian language and its heritage with Maria –of which has been both challenging and rewarding. I have also heard that learning another language is good for your brain and wards off symptoms of dementia. Now, I look forward to meeting with Maria twice a week for private tutoring. Maria uses a different technique with me, to help me better grasp and retain the words. She is a devoted, kind, and heartfelt person!” Mark Anthony Diodato – Boston, MA – Summer 2018

“I first met signora Conte several years ago in a Montessori school in Greater Boston where she was my daughter’s favorite teacher. Then, destiny wanted that years later our entire family reunite with Mrs. Conte again, but in a different setting. My daughter took Italian lessons with Prof. Conte and thanks to her fabulous teaching, she was accepted into the Italian program at her university. Subsequently, my daughter qualified for a scholarship and she spent a semester in Italy. My husband and I, both enrolled in Italian classes with Maria Conte as well so we could visit our daughter in Italy. We are all very grateful of her terrific teaching. Her books are straight forward, the grammar is clearly presented and is very easy to follow. Being able to communicate in Italian during our trip was a lot of fun. Prof. Maria has a warm welcoming personality, treats people with respect, and is highly dedicated to her students. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Prof. Conte.”  S.R. – Boston, MA – Spring 2018

“I have been studying Italian with Maria for almost 2 years. I am a senior and found that studying a new language at an old age is very beneficial for exercising the memory. The small classes are a lot of fun, we laugh, we joke (in Italian of course) and learn about Italian customs and heritage. I recently visited Italy and to my amazement was able to communicate. Maria is a wonderful and encouraging teacher, with non judgmental personality. “. Anna E. Brookline, MA – Spring 2018

“My husband and I took a variety of Italian cooking classes with Maria Conte. At the time, we had no cooking experience, and were so frightened to even crack an egg. Maria has been very patient and encouraging, removed our fears and truly changed our lives as my husband and I enjoy preparing delicious meals for family and friends in our new kitchen. It was wonderful and fun learning how to make handmade pasta, a variety of pasta sauces, risotto dishes, stuffed vegetables, bean soups, cannoli, tiramisù e biscotti to name a few. Nevertheless, Maria can help you design a fabulous menu from antipasto to dessert for some special get together. We highly recommend Maria Conte.” Emily Spring, Boston, MA – Spring 2018

“My son and I took Greek cooking classes with Maria Conte. My husband is Greek, therefore my son gave me some gift certificates to be applied to cooking instruction with Maria as he had already taken a few classes with her in company of his girlfriend. I am not a great cook myself, but learning how to make stuffed vine leaves, spanakopita, tzatziki and baklava was an absolute extraordinary experience that increased my self-confidence in the kitchen. Thank you Maria for your gracious assistance!” Alexandra Pagunis, Boston, MA – Spring 2018

“I have been taking Spanish language classes with Maria, and as she introduced the Spanish culture, I could not miss the opportunity to learn how to prepare original food from these amazing Hispanic countries. I learned how to make a variety of dishes. Some of them are: sopas, ensaladas y postres. My favorite desserts are el flan, el pastel de tres leches y pastelitos de almendra. All are very delicious and easy to prepare. While I continue learning Spanish, I can’t wait to take more cooking classes with Maria Conte as she is the best teacher I have ever had. She is exceptionally organized, has a sweet and engaging smile, and if you have already taken any of her classes you know what I mean.” Melissa Natale, Boston, MA – Spring 2018

“I enjoyed learning how to crochet and knit in separate private sessions with Maria Conte. Maria is gifted with her so many talents and expertise as well as being extremely patient. No matter if you are a beginner, Maria guides you through the entire process to learn the techniques and complete beautiful and decorative projects for your home. I was surprised in how fast I could learn. I also found these lost arts to be very entertaining and therapeutic.” Juliana Roberts, Boston, MA – Spring 2018

“I have been taking Maria’s classes for a year. I took private Italian lessons with Maria Conte and then joined a group class. She is a great teacher- the classes are always well-prepared and engaging, and she encourages great conversations among students. I started with the alphabet and now I can understand whole articles and conversations in Italian, which is truly amazing. Thank you, Maria.”
Sean Fleming, Boston, MA – Spring 2018

“I have been taking Italian classes with Maria for more than a year now. She not only understands how to teach language to adult students but also has the patience to bring students along for an enjoyable learning experience. She has well designed reading materials with exercises that focus on learning grammatical skills which are then reinforced in a relaxed atmosphere in her classes. Maria clearly enjoys teaching students at all skill levels and her enthusiasm encourages her students to not only learn the Italian language but also better appreciate Italian culture. I highly recommend her.” -Rich Allen, Canton, MA – Spring 2018

“A complete beginner in Italian, I had the pleasure of studying Italian I and II in private lessons with Maria Conte. Maria is a highly experienced and enthusiastic instructor committed to providing an optimal language and cultural learning experience for her students. She is flexible, appreciative, and always encouraging. I recommend Maria Conte highly.” -S.S., Brookline, MA – Spring 2018

“I was introduced to Maria by a friend who took some Spanish and Greek cooking classes with her. Maria came to our home and taught us how to prepare delicious Italian dishes that we thought were impossible to prepare at home. The afternoon was not only dedicated to cooking, but also an introduction to a variety of activities to make the day one to remember.” Anna D. – West Roxbury, MA – Spring 2018

“I’ve taken an assortment of Spanish classes with Maria. I went from having no knowledge to being fluent in less than a year. She is kind, very patient, and dedicated to her students while also being reasonable with tuition. If you’re afraid of learning a new language, with Maria you will succeed without concern!” -Gustavo S. – Newton, MA – Spring 2018

“Io parlo italiano! And you can, too. Maria is an excellent teacher, a native speaker of Italian with an abiding love of language and learning. Each course we take is structured differently. She brings in little props and plays games, and corrects our pronunciation with a smile. Her cultural activities and events are engaging and tremendous fun! Maria always challenges us to do our best, but friendship and laughter are really at the heart of the course. Mi piace imparare l’italiano con Maria–you will like learning Italian with her, too!” -Martha J. Bailey – Boston, MA Spring 2018

“My wife and I took two conversation classes with Maria Conte. Both were very helpful for improving our pronunciation, listening and speaking skills. The classes were well organized. Professoressa Maria listened carefully, spoke slowly, and gave us personalized suggestions and help. We also enjoyed ourselves which helped us relax and speak more freely. I recommend the conversation classes as a supplement for students who are studying Italian in more academic settings, or as a review for those who know some Italian and want to informally review and practice speaking. I also took a private tutorial, “Spanish for Travelers” from Professoressa Maria. It was intense, and very helpful. Maria Conte is an excellent teacher with loads of experience and a warm, personal approach.” – John Kochevar, Boston, MA – Spring 2017

“As a student of Maria’s in Italian I and Italian II, I would recommend her courses to anyone. Classes were held weekly and were very organized, very productive and featured a great deal of speaking and reading in the foreign language. She is a caring teacher–very patient but also of course very knowledgeable. The curriculum stresses basic syntactic structures of the language, and by the end of it, you come away with a pretty strong foundation in the language and the ability to start conversing with native speakers.” – Daniel Habtemariam

“Maria is a thorough, enthusiastic teacher who excels at fostering an atmosphere of classroom camaraderie. I felt challenged and supported; the time flew! Loved it so much I took Italian 1 and 2, and have already registered for the Conversation class. ” – Linda M.

“As an Italian II student of Maria’s, I can attest to her fantastic courses. Maria helps you feel welcomed, comfortable, and engaged thanks to her dynamic coursework and pleasant demeanor and encouraging teaching style. Her classes are immersive and have great exercises; however, there are no tests which creates a perfect balance of learning without the pressure.” – Araceli H.

“My 16 year old daughter was struggling in her sophomore high school Spanish class, so we went to the Hyde Park Library to seek some assistance. The librarian referred us to Maria Conte, Spanish Teacher. Maria figured out that after two years of Spanish, my daughter was missing the foundation of Spanish. My daughter started tutoring with Maria on Saturday mornings for one hour at the Hyde Park Library. My daughter actually finished her Junior Year with a 96 average in Spanish. My daughter enjoyed going to Maria on Saturday mornings and I think she got more out of tutoring on Saturdays with Maria than she did at High School. I would recommend Maria for Spanish tutoring, she was accommodating and very reasonable. Thank you. ” – Elizabeth Marini

“My statement, freely given….I enjoyed the course. I enjoyed the book. The book has the most useful vocabulary I have found in any Spanish text. The vocabulary is for travel and conversation-just what I need! I need to get up and running before I go on to learn the language. ” -Edward Breslin, Melrose, MA, a student from the Spanish for Travellers course.”

Maria Conte taught “Spanish for Travelers” course at the Roslindale Branch Library for 6 weeks in the fall of 2015. Maria was very well organized with lessons, topics and visual aids. She taught us the correct words and phrases for Latin American/Caribean countries as well as Spain. We were given homework which we went over in class. One assignment was introduction to Hispanic culture through food. Maria helped us one by one to practice our words, questions and answers with each other and in conversation with her. I strongly recommend this Spanish for Travelers Class!”

Becky Manos
Branch Librarian
Roslindale Branch Library
4246 Washington St.
Roslindale, MA 02131

“The teacher is so full of warmth, patience, and good humour. She does not let us feel like giving up.” – R.W. -Brookline, MA, a student from Italian II course.

“This is an exceptionally good language class, great balance of oral, written work. ” – A.F. Roslindale, MA, a student from Italian II course.

“Good approach; made it interesting without lots of pressure. Emphasis on usefulness for travel. ” – N.G.-New York, a student from Italian I class.

“The food/culture. I did not expect to learn about the culture but it was great to have this in the course. ” – C.Mc. -Needham, MA, a student from Italian I class.

“Different approaches to learning.” – F.S.C.- Jamaica Plain, MA, a student from Italian I class.

“I like how it covers basic and useful phrases, along with vocabulary. It creates a good base to continue learning. “

-J.B. -Waltham, MA, a student from Spanish for Travellers course.

“The content, pace, organization and instructor! – R.M.-Needham, MA, a student from Spanish I course.

“I like the instructions and the students. ” W.B. -Mattapan, MA. a student from Spanish II course.

“The course was structured to be as challenging as the student wished. ” – L.F. Boston, MA, a student from Italian III course.

“Maria’s courses are very well designed. She teaches a lot of important parts of the language. It is up to students to practice on their own. I have taken several Italian courses with her. ” -W.F. -Jamaica Plain, MA.

“Student participation encouraged. Good teacher. Materials presented well.” – A.L. – Dorchester, MA. a student from Italian I course.

“Mrs. Conte: Great Spanish tutor for High School students! She is honest and highly dedicated to her teaching. My daughter took weekly tutoring sessions with senora Conte. I was impressed with her progress: her F grade transformed into an A . I strongly recommend Maria Conte. ” – N.K. -Boston, MA, a parent.

“We are greatly satisfied with Mrs. Conte’s teaching. She tutored and helped our son, a high school student in Boston Public School’s where he was failing Italian. Terrific job! We strongly recommend signora Conte. ” -D.F. & L.F -Boston, MA, parents.

“I am an adult and take private Italian classes with Maria Conte on a weekly basis. I started a few months ago and now I enjoy using my Italian when we have Italian social gatherings. I will continue to take Italian with her. Her language books are very helpful. ” -J.W. -Boston, MA.

“Professoressa Conte genuinely cares about her students. The course was organized logically and assignments really helped us understand the information.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“Professor Conte was great. You can tell she truly cares. I had her for two semesters and you could tell she really listened to the problems students had first semester and tried to make improvements. I really enjoyed fulfilling my language requirement at BC.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“It follows the syllabus closely and is very organized. The Professor was always very helpful and available to meet outside class.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“The themes made the class fun and entertaining! Also-speaking in 100% Italian was incredibly helpful in learning it, I only wish I could speak in Italian more! Also- Professor Conte made us grammar sheets which always helped when the test rolled around. The BC book can be confusing, but by giving us examples, Professor Conte made the grammar more bearable!” -Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“I really liked the full immersion in the language. It forced students to understand, and it really helped us to learn and improve our speaking skills. I also liked the 4 unit set up. Each unit was long enough to learn key information, but didn’t seem too long.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“Professor Conte and the entire Italian department and staff is very enthusiastic about the class. She was always available for help and cared that you understood the material. It was interesting, followed the syllabus very strictly, almost too much so, but you always knew what to expect.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“The teacher is clear, passionate and you know whats expected of you.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“The professor is very personable. She really wants to see us succeed. We learn a lot of Italian.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot more Italian. Professor Conte also helped me correct a lot of the habitual mistakes I was making and made me much more aware of my grammatical mistakes! I strongly recommend this course to other students.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“Yes, I would recommend this course. I really wanted to learn Italian, and this course definitely helped me improve my skills significantly.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“Yes, I would recommend this course. It is interesting and challenging but not impossible to succeed.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“Conte is great to take if you need to fulfill your Italian. I recommend this course.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“This is necessary to complete the Arts and Sciences language requirement, so it is unavoidable if you need it. But it is not that bad once you get used to the structure of the class. ” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“I really enjoyed having Professor Conte and she was incredibly dedicated to her students! – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“Professoressa Conte is a fantastic teacher and truly cares about her students. ” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“Absolutely, because I feel as if I learned a lot and I am prepared to study abroad in Italy. ” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2013.

“The rigorous workload makes students focus on improving both their written and oral Italian. I learned a lot about Italian culture and young people in Italy which was interesting.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I student, Fall 2012.

“Italian being spoken in class definitely forces the student to become more comfortable with the language.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I student, Fall 2012.

“This course allows students to develop a better understanding of the Italian language by utilizing readings and oral presentations. It is also spoken in Italian, which forces students to think in Italian and allows for better comprehension of the language.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I student, Fall 2012.

“I think that the Professoressa Conte did the best job she could with her resources and made sure the class was run properly and efficiently.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I I student, Spring 2012.

“Professoressa Conte is a great teacher and fun to be in class with.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2012.

“The instructor was very kind and sweet. I really appreciated her smile! ” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I I student, Spring 2012.

“Love Professoressa Conte. Great lady, very funny. Wants the best for her students.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I I student, Spring 2012.

“I would recommend this class as an enjoyable way of satisfying the language core requirement.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I I student, Spring 2012.

“Yes, I learned a lot and can have a conversation in Italian as well as give a fluent presentation. People who want to learn Italian should definitely take this class.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I I student, Spring 2012.

“Yes, I would recommend this class to other students and majors. It was a fun and upbeat class and taught the language very well.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I I student, Spring 2012.

“I would recommend this course. The professor was very enthusiastic and kind, the material was interesting, and the workload was fair.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2012.

“Yes, Professor Conte is extremely nice and always willing to help students improve.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I I student, Spring 2012.

“I would recommend this course because the instructor does a great job of keeping the class focused and interested.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I I student, Spring 2012.

“I really enjoyed this course with this professor!” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian II student, Spring 2012.

“So nice and happy. Cares about students, helped me a lot outside of class. ” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I student, Fall 2011.

“Lots of units, the improvement in my writing is extremely apparent when I compare it to the beginning of the semester. ” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I student, Fall 2011.

“Yeah, I would recommend this course. She is a fair grader and very sweet.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I student, Fall 2011.

“Conte is a saint. Really helpful in getting me through this course.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I student, Fall 2011.

“The grammar and verbs explained in the textbook were great, I liked that our teacher talked to us in Italian, and that we had to write essays and learn about specific topics.” – Boston College, Intermediate Italian I student, Fall 2011.

“Encouraged participation in healthy way. ” -Boston College, Intermediate Italian I student, Fall 2011.