• Spanish I. This course is an introduction to Spanish language and culture, and is for students with no previous knowledge of the language. We cover easy grammar, and offer the opportunity to develop writing, reading, speaking and listening skills.
  • Spanish II. This course welcomes students who have completed Spanish I. Using a conversational and fun approach, it is a continuation of basic grammar, irregular verbs and vocabulary.
  • Spanish III. This course is for students who completed Spanish II. Using a conversational approach, it is addressed to students who wish to continue learning grammar, tenses and vocabulary.
  • Spanish IV. This course is designed for students who completed Spanish III and wish to expand their knowledge in Spanish. It covers subjunctive moods and advanced grammar.
  • Spanish for Travelers. If you are planning a trip, this is the right course to learn specific vocabulary and phrases related to travel. Students will have the opportunity to practice the language in a fun and supported environment.
  • Conversational Spanish. This course is designed for those students who wish to practice and improve their listening and speaking skills. Weekly discussions will rotate around a variety of interesting topics. It is recommended for all levels.
  • Spanish tutoring. Private tutoring sessions are available for all levels from Monday to Saturday.
  • Choice of individual or group lessons.
  • Courses are customized.
  • Additional language courses are offered periodically.
  • Meeting place and cost will be discussed in person. Please contact Maria.


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