Italian Baking: Zeppole di San Giuseppe

Saint Joseph’s zeppole are a typical Italian dessert that is made for St. Joseph’s Day, which is on March 19. Father’s Day is also celebrated this day in Italy.

History tells us that the origins of zeppole is quite remote and there are several versions. Some are fried and others baked. Baked Zeppole made with bigne’ dough, filled with custard and decorated with some black cherries in the center are a true specialty.

They are served cold and dusted with powdered sugar. Their aspect is elegant and the flavor is delicate and delicious. Their aroma is certainly very inviting, therefore the sweets go down very well with a good cup of coffee or tea.

Saint Joseph’s zeppole are on sale in all Italian bakeries during the month of March, both in Italy and abroad. Those who like to bake at home can certainly make them easily. Nevertheless, some experience on the part of pastry chefs is essential in order to obtain good results. The oven temperature must also be right because the baked dough may deflate. As a rule of thumb, it is important for every cook to be familiar with how their oven works, precisely because the temperature of each oven may turn out to be different even if the ovens are similar.

The same rule applies to the preparation of custard. In fact, the result can vary depending on the use of an electric or gas stove, the type of flour or starch used, the size of the eggs, the type of milk, as well as the cooking temperature. Certainly, the custard must be stirred well during the cooking process so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. A smoky cream would not taste good for filling a mild-flavored baked good. Either way, buying zeppole or making them at home, it’s worth indulging in a sweet treat to honor St. Joseph and all dads in the world.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads and happy baking! / Buona festa del papa’ a tutti i papa’ e buon lavoro in cucina! /Feliz Día del Padre a todos los papás y ¡feliz trabajo en la cocina!

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