I took “Live your Life Happily” with Maria this past spring. Maria was engaging and knowledgeable. She offered a lot of insights and tips for life’s challenges. Because we were a small group, it was very interactive and a lot of fun. C.P. –Brookline–Spring 2023 

I very much enjoyed having Maria as my Spanish Instructor. Maria was always prepared and organized for every lesson. Maria took the time necessary to explain the lessons and for us to ask questions. I found Maria to be pleasant, professional with a warm and welcoming personality. I would recommend Maria to anyone, young or mature like myself who has the desire to learn Spanish.
Lisa A. Modecker, Fall 2022

K. Leader

“I had a wonderful introduction to Spanish language with Maria in Spanish 1.  She is dedicated, organized and a joy to have as a teacher!!  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Spanish.”   – K. Leader, Boston, MA – Fall 2022

“I’m 90 years old, and wanted to make my last trip to Italy this year. To surprise my family, I took some Italian private lessons with Maria Conte. She kindly and patiently guided me through her fabulous textbook. To my surprise I learned quite a lot. I highly recommend Professoressa Conte to anyone who would like to learn Italian!” – Joseph S. Milton, MA – Fall 2022

“I had a wonderful introduction to Spanish language with Maria in Spanish 1.  She is dedicated, organized and a joy to have as a teacher!!  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Spanish.”   – K. Leader, Boston, MA – Fall 2022

Pamela M., Boston, Fall 2022

I have just had the good fortune to complete another Italian class with Maria Conte.
While my Italian studies by my own standards require much more study and practice, I want to
take a moment to commend Maria and state unequivocally what an outstanding teacher she is.
As a teacher myself of over 30 years, and one who instructed many student teachers, I believe I
know an excellent teacher when I see one, and Maria is such a teacher. Maria is not only a native
speaker but holds advanced degrees in the process of language-learning. One can know a
language but not be equipped to teach it to others. Maria has all of the qualities of an outstanding
teacher ~ knowledge of the subject matter, the ability to break down into manageable segments
the foundations of the Italian language for those beginning and intermediate learners as well as
more advanced students who are competent in their conversational abilities and those who able
to study various aspects of the art, culture and cuisine of Italy.
Additionally, Maria is always prepared, organized and willing to answer questions. Maria has a
welcoming and pleasant demeanor and always exudes an infectious enthusiasm for her subject
matter. While teaching various age groups and in various settings, she is acutely aware of
teaching the adult learner who has many other responsibilities and is generally a self-motivated
learner. Her personality and expertise come across in-person and on-line as well.
Maria’s unique combination of the mechanics of grammar and the nuances of language, the
ability to share that knowledge in manageable segments, an enthusiasm for her subject and a
warm, welcoming demeanor make her an exemplar in her field, and in my opinion, the best
language teacher I’ve encountered. Kudos to her for her wonderful work! And for making the
learning of a foreign language accessible to all.

I make a work-related trip to Italy every other year. When I came home from the 2017 trip I vowed to learn Italian, so I signed up for the Brookline Adult Ed class and Maria was my teacher. After I completed all the courses offered there, I continued to study with Maria, joining one of her small groups of students. Our Monday nights are filled with fun and learning. Talking about what we did last week, our plans for the next, this disparate group has gotten to know each other and care about each other—in the here and now. And all while learning Italian. Though it may be hard to get myself out of the house in the cold and dark now that it’s winter, I am always glad to be met by Maria’s warmth and upbeat approach. And, during this 2019 trip to Italy, I could read all the advertisements and signs, make myself understood, and even eavesdrop a bit. Thank you, Maria!

 Judy Fox

November 2019

“I met Maria about a year ago at one of her cultural events through a friend who took many courses with her.  It was a fun and interactive environment. It is a bit challenging for me to learn new things since I have a traumatic brain injury. In short, I was in a coma for a few months from a car accident. Afterwards, I took physical, occupational, and speech therapies to re-gain the basics of daily life. Then, I learned that Maria teaches Italian and Spanish. I knew a few words in Italian and was always interested in learning the language. I have heard that my last name, Diodato, means “God has given me!” I have learned a great deal of the Italian language and its heritage with Maria –of which has been both challenging and rewarding. I have also heard that learning another language is good for your brain and wards off symptoms of dementia. Now, I look forward to meeting with Maria twice a week for private tutoring. Maria uses a different technique with me, to help me better grasp and retain the words. She is a devoted, kind, and heartfelt person!”

“I first met signora Conte several years ago in a Montessori school in Greater Boston where she was my daughter’s favorite teacher. Then, destiny wanted that years later our entire family reunite with Mrs. Conte again, but in a different setting. My daughter took Italian lessons with Prof. Conte and thanks to her fabulous teaching, she was accepted into the Italian program at her university. Subsequently, my daughter qualified for a scholarship and she spent a semester in Italy. My husband and I, both enrolled in Italian classes with Maria Conte as well so we could visit our daughter in Italy. We are all very grateful of her terrific teaching. Her books are straight forward, the grammar is clearly presented and is very easy to follow. Being able to communicate in Italian during our trip was a lot of fun. Prof. Maria has a warm welcoming personality, treats people with respect, and is highly dedicated to her students. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Prof. Conte.”

“I have been studying Italian with Maria for almost 2 years. I am a senior and found that studying a new language at an old age is very beneficial for exercising the memory. The small classes are a lot of fun, we laugh, we joke (in Italian of course) and learn about Italian customs and heritage. I recently visited Italy and to my amazement was able to communicate. Maria is a wonderful and encouraging teacher, with non judgmental personality.”