Private Tutoring and Translations

• If your schedule doesn’t align with day time or evening class offerings, have a special health condition, or you’re not fond of group settings, private tutoring is your best solution to learning a language. All private sessions, for individual or group, offer flexibility to design a curriculum to the student(s) needs all while being in an encouraging environment. Private classes are available throughout the week at your convenience.

• Middle School, High School, College
If your grades are low in Italian, Spanish or ESL classes, don’t wait any longer. Enroll in individual private lessons with Maria and you will succeed rapidly. One-to-one private sessions, regardless of your age or linguistic level, are available seven days a week.

• Adult and Senior Learners, don’t feel frightened to begin learning a new language. It is not too late! Learning a new language at this time of your life carries many positive and beneficial aspects to your well-being, such as: enhancements to memory, promotes socialization, encourages you to travel abroad, all while having fun and succeeding!

• Prompt, great quality translations of documents are available in English, Italian and Spanish.